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City of Palmerston is committed to keeping residents informed of the operations and plans of Council.

Below is a list of publications available for download, alternatively copies are also available at the City of Palmerston Library and Council's Customer Service counter.

Community Plan 

Our vision and main priorities are specified in the Community Plan as well as set strategies for achieving these goals. The Community Plan was prepared by the community and enables Council to be certain that when we are making decisions we have a line of sight to the priorities and needs of residents of Palmerston. View the Community Plan.

Municipal Plan

The Municipal Plan is prepared each year and outlines Council’s service delivery plan and budget. It is the key document to bring together the actions outlined in the Community Plan and Long Term Financial Plan. View the Municipal Plan 2021-2022

Previous years' plans

Municipal Plan 2020-2021
Municipal Plan 2019-2020
Municipal Plan 2018-2019 
Municipal Plan 2017-2022 
Municipal Plan 2016-2021
Municipal Plan 2015-2020 
Municipal Plan 2014-2019

Annual Report

Our Annual Report details our performance against our set targets as well as how we are achieving them. It is informed by the Municipal Plan and Budget and outcomes set out in our Community Plan. View the Annual Report 2020-2021.

Previous years' reports

Annual Report 2019-2020
Annual Report 2018-2019
Annual Report 2017-2018
Annual Report 2016-2017
Annual Report 2015-2016
Annual Report 2014-2015 
Annual Report 2013-2014

Finance and budgets

Outlining Council's Long Term Financial Plan and Budgetary Publications.

Long Term Financial Plan

Long Term Financial Plan 2022-2031
Long Term Financial Plan 2021-2030 
Long Term Financial Plan 2020-2029 
Long Term Financial Plan 2019-2028 
Long Term Financial Plan 2012-2017

Budgetary Publications

Budgetary Publications

Declaration of Rates

Declaration of Rates 2021-2022
Declaration of Rates 2020-2021 
Declaration of Rates 2019-2020
Declaration of Rates 2018-2019
Declaration of Rates 2017-2018
Declaration of Rates 2016-2017
Declaration of Rates 2015-2016 
Declaration of Rates 2014-2015

Strategies and reports

Strategies and reports describe our important activities and how we set out to achieve these. 


Companion Animal Management Plan

Community Infrastructure Plan 2016-2026

Disability Access Strategy

Digital Strategy 

Inclusive, Diverse & Accessible Policy Framework

Palmerston Arts Strategy 2016-2021

Palmerston City Centre Parking Study Implementation Plan

Palmerston City Centre Parking Study Parking Strategy 

Palmerston Play Space Strategy 2022 

Palmerston Play Space Design Guidelines and Checklist

Sustainability Strategy 2022-2026



City of Palmerston Review of its Basis of Rating 
Palmerston City Centre Parking Study Background Report 

 Asset Management Plans 

An Asset Management Plan (AMP) provides Council and the community with information about operating, maintaining and renewing the asset including the funds associated to meet agreed levels of service delivery while outlining associated risks.

Executive Summary for Pathways

This executive summary covers the community’s pathways needs (Pathways and Driveways)

Executive Summary for Stormwater Drainage

This executive summary covers the community’s stormwater drainage needs (Pipes, Pits, Culverts and Open Drains)

Executive Summary for Transport

This executive summary covers the community’s transport needs (Roads, Traffic Management Devices, Kerbing and Carparks)

Executive Summary for Buildings and Facilities

This executive summary covers the community’s buildings and facilities needs.

Executive Summary for Fleet

This executive summary covers the community’s fleet needs (Vehicles, Trailers, Trucks, Exavator and Associate Equipments)

Executive Summary for Land Improvements

This executive summary covers the community’s land improvements needs (Open Space Infrastructure, Irrigation Systems, Water, Recreation and Artworks)

Executive Summary for Public Lighting

This executive summary covers the community’s public lighting needs (Streets and Open Spaces)

Palmerston Local Economic Plan

City of Palmerston is proud to present its first Local Economic Plan developed in collaboration with the Northern Territory Government. The 10-year Plan challenges everyone to work together to make Palmerston a destination city for employment and a place where businesses are encouraged to set up and grow. 

The Local Economic Plan details a high prevalence of small and medium business in Palmerston and highlights the importance of business and economic support systems in the city. It also shows the many advantages in conducting business in a vibrant municipality such as Palmerston.

The Local Economic Plan provides current businesses with the confidence for the future, attracts and encourages development and new business, and aids in providing an understanding of the economic priorities of Council for the long term.

Read more about the Palmerston Local Economic Plan