Other animals and pets

Domestic livestock, other animals and cats all make wonderful companions for individuals and families in our community.

Currently, we do not have any restrictions on the ownership of domestic livestock and other animals such as birds, poultry, horses, oxen, buffaloes, bovines, camels, goats and pigs.

Domestic livestock and poultry owners must apply for an 8-character Property Identification Code, which identifies the property where livestock and poultry are kept pursuant to Regulation 32 (1) of the Northern Territory Livestock Regulations 2009.

Visit Get a Property Identification Code to obtain your 8-character Property Identification Code. 

Registering your cat

To register your cat, visit https://palmerston.nt.gov.au/live/animals/registration

Cat trap hire

Our Customer Experience team at Civic Plaza have cat traps available to hire for up to 30 days. A  deposit is required, which will be refunded when the trap is returned.

All cats must be trapped and managed in a humane way, ensuring the welfare of the animal. Once a cat is trapped, you must ensure it is treated humanely, including being provided with drinking water and not being exposed to the weather.

The cat should then be taken to a local vet to check for a microchip.

If there is no microchip or the owner cannot be located, the cat can be handed to an animal rescue group for rehoming. 

More information

Call 8935 9922 or download: Fees and charges