If an instalment is not paid on or before the due date, charges that remain unpaid will become overdue and will be known as "Rates in Arrears".

Rates in Arrears will be subject to daily interest in accordance with Section 245 of the Northern Territory Local Government Act.

If you are having difficulties paying your rates by the due dates, contact the Rates Team to discuss alternative arrangements to avoid possible debt recovery action and costs: 
p: (08) 8935 9961
e: rates@palmerston.nt.gov.au

If there is no payment/contact, recovery of the debt will be initiated through a Debt Collection agency. Legal expenses incurred by council will be recovered from the ratepayer to the full extent permitted by law.

In accordance with Section 244 of the Northern Territory Local Government Act it follows, that if a ratepayer decides to pay by instalments and defaults in payment of an instalment by the due date, all remaining instalments become immediately due and payable.

Under Section 255 of the Northern Territory Local Government Act, unpaid rates become a charge on the land to which they relate.

If rates have been in arrears for at least 3 years, and an overriding statutory charge securing liability for the rates has been registered for at least 6 months, Council may sell the land.

All related costs and liabilities to Council will be recovered from the proceeds of sale.