The Risk Management and Audit Committee (the Committee) is established as an Advisory Committee to the City of Palmerston.
The Committee is established by Council, pursuant to the Northern Territory Local Government Act (the Act) and the Local Government (Accounting) Regulations with the key functions of:
a. To monitor and review the integrity of the council’s financial management; 
b. To monitor and review internal controls; 
c. To make recommendations to the council about any matters to committee considers require the council’s consideration as a result of the committee’s functions under paragraph (a) or (b).

The Committee consist of a minimum of four members, comprising of Elected Members of Council and a minimum of two independent members. 
Independent members of the Committee have recent and relevant experience in the Local Government Regulatory Framework, finance and risk management.

The Committee shall meet a minimum of four times per year at appropriate times in the reporting and audit cycle.

Terms of Reference

Agenda & Minutes

Current opportunity for an paid two-year term 

City of Palmerston is seeking an independent member on Council’s Risk Management and Audit Committee (the Committee) for a 2-year term. Independent Members will be renumerated as set out by the Northern Territory Government for a Class C1 Advisory and Review Board.
The Committee meets at least four times a year and plays an integral role in providing oversight and advice to Council on matters outlined in the Committee’s Terms of Reference.

If you are a qualified professional with relevant experience, we encourage you to apply. The selection will be through a meritorious process. Please submit a resume and one page letter addressing the following: 

•    Why you want to be a member of City of Palmerston’s Risk Management and Audit Committee
•    How will your experience and qualifications assist you to providing advise to City of Palmerston’s, in line with the Risk Management and Audit Committee Terms of Reference

Apply now
Applications will close on 25 February 2024.