Geocaching is a great reason to get outside and do some exploring, get some exercise and explore new places.

You can think of geocaching as a modern day treasure hunt where your job is to find a geocache, secretly hidden by another player using a GPS to guide you to the geocache’s location using coordinates that you obtain from a geocaching website.

Once you get to the geocache’s location you then have to rely on your senses to search for and find the geocache which is always hidden and sometimes well camouflaged.

The sizes of caches differs from minute to large. While minute caches are amusing to find they are more challenging and do not comprise of treasures.

There are over 100 parks in Palmerston and geocaching  is a great approach for families to have fun together and discover parks around Palmerston.

How does it work?

Other Geocachers camouflage caches in secret sites in the community. Usually they are a waterproof container which along with treasures will contain a log book for an individual to sign and date. But of course a micro cache can be extremely small containing just a log book to record that you have discovered it.

Download a free App for your smart phone to find out where the nearest caches are situated. Once you have located  a cache fill in the log book and go on the Geocaching website and record your find for others to see. You could even swap a treasure if the cache comprise of treasure which can be anything little and inexpensive for example, small toy, charm, sticker or ornament.