The Building Better Neighbourhoods Program is about turning strangers into neighbours and streets into neighbourhoods, making neighbourhoods safe, fun and friendly places to live.

It’s about Palmerston residents taking the time to take part in small and local acts of neighbourliness.

For some that may mean a first wave or smile, a chat over the fence, inviting a neighbour over for a cuppa or holding a neighbourhood barbeque. Put simply, it’s about going one step further in getting to know those ‘next door’.

Good Neighbours, Make Great Neighbourhoods: when people make the choice to be a good neighbour, individuals, families and neighbourhoods benefit.

We know that when Australia communities foster connection and everyday ‘neighbourliness’, they are soon safer, stronger and more resilient.  

Besides this, our neighbourhoods provide a great chance for us to meet people who are different from us, which can help us learn how to connect with a variety of people. 

Want to hold a neighbourhood party?
Click here for resources and information on the Community BBQ Trailer.