Hooked On Palmerston

Embrace the Top End’s fishing lifestyle in our lakes with our recreational catch and release barramundi competition! Open to all ages, this season's competition will run from 1 June until 30 September 2024 providing plenty of time to tackle a tagged barramundi.

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Catch and release fishing tips
Terms and Conditions

It is important to remain Crocwise around our waterways and ensure your fishing gear is clear of any weeds before leaving the lake.

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About Competition 

Do I have to register for the competition? 

To submit an entry into the draw and be eligible to win a prize, all participants must be registered. Registered participants receive a competition registration number, which must be used to submit any entries. Submissions without the registration number will not be accepted.

Register here for the 2024 competition. 

Is there a cost to enter? 

No, this is a free competition. However, all associated equipment costs are the responsibility of the participant. 

What fish are eligible for entry into the prize draw? 

Tagged Barramundi only. These fish have been released into the lakes for the purpose of the catch and release competition.

Untagged barramundi caught during the competition period will not be eligible for entry into the competition.

Where can I catch a fish that’s eligible to win a prize?

Eligible tagged barramundi can be caught in the following Palmerston lakes:

  • Sanctuary Lakes, Gunn (access via Lakeview Blvd) 
  • Marlow Lagoon Lakes (access via Elrundie Avenue) 
  • Durack Lakes

Any fish caught outside these lakes are NOT eligible for entry.

What are the prizes and when are they drawn? 

Over $4,00.00 worth of prize vouchers are up for grabs during the 2024 competition. Prizes will be awarded in the form of vouchers to be redeemed at local Palmerston businesses, which are not redeemable for cash. Each winner can select one Palmerston business from which to receive their voucher.

$250 prizes: Five randomly drawn monthly prizes of $250 for registered entrants who have caught a tagged City of Palmerston barramundi.

  • 4 x $250 prizes awarded to community members who submitted a catch during the month

Random drawn: Each month there will be one monthly randomly drawn prize of $50 awarded to any person registered for the competition. 

Visit the winners and prize information page for more details. 

How many tagged fish are there?

There will be 110 new juvenile tagged Barramundi released in May 2024 throughout Palmerston lakes. All tagged Barramundi released for previous Hooked On Palmerston competitions are eligible for entry.

How do I enter my catch into the prize draw? 

Submit a catch here (don’t forget to upload your photos). 

Two photos of your tagged Barramundi catch must be submitted:

  1. The first photo must show the tag on the barramundi (still attached), with the numbers clearly visible. Tags should not be removed from the fish. 
  2. The second photo must show yourself with your catch and be taken at the lake where the fish was caught. Please note that fish need to held horizontally and supported under the belly. Please don't hold the fish by the hook or the lip.  

Tagged Barramundi are NOT to be removed from the lakes, and must be released once your photos have been taken.

If I catch a fish, do I automatically win a prize?

No, terms and conditions apply. 

Registered participants who submit a tagged Barramundi will be entered into the monthly draw of the month they capture the Barramundi.

Untagged Barramundi caught during the competition period will not be eligible for entry. 

Note, each competition month begins at 12:00am on the first day of the month and ends at 11:59pm on the last day of the month. The winners will be contacted the next business day. 

Visit the winners and prize information page for more details. 

How do I claim my prize? 

Competition winners will be contacted by Council staff by phone. Please ensure you enter the correct phone number when you register and make a submission.

Winners’ names will also be listed on our website and on our social media accounts.

Prizes can be collected between 8.30am and 8.00pm at the Palmerston Recreation Centre, 11 The Boulevard, as organised over the phone. 

Visit the winners and prize information page for more details. 

Which lakes are currently suitable for fishing?

 As part of the Catch and Release Competition 2024, tagged eligible Barramundi can be caught in Sanctuary Lakes, Marlow Lagoon and Durack Lakes, except Lake 4. 

How do I learn more about catch and release fishing? 

The Northern Territory Government website contains various information about recreational fishing including how to release your catch and correct handling procedures for fish. Click here to be redirected.


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