Prescribed burns are carried out in Palmerston and throughout the Northern Territory at the end of the wet season to reduce the potential spread/scope/size and impact of dangerous fires during the dry season.

Upcoming Prescribed Burn

Prescribed burning will occur in Gunn Escarpment and at the Archer Waste Management Facility.

Scheduled burns are set to take place during the week of Wednesday, 17 April to Wednesday, 24 April 2024, pending favourable weather conditions.
Burning may occur at any time of the day; including between 4pm - 11pm to ensure adherence to condition requirements.

The most up-to-date advice will be available here and on our City of Palmerston Facebook page.

Health Advice

  • Close windows and doors
  • Bring in your washing
  • Set your air-conditioner to ‘recirculate’
  • Turn on your headlights and pay close attention to the road when driving

If you have asthma or other breathing ailments:

  • Avoid physical outdoor activities in the area
  • Follow your asthma action plan and seek medical attention if needed
  • If conditions are likely to adversely affect your physical or mental health, please consider alternate arrangements during this period

Call 000 incase of Emergency

General Information

Prescribed burns are controlled fires deliberately set and monitored by trained professionals under specific weather and vegetation conditions. These fires are used to protect the community by reducing the risk of bushfires, manage vegetation, and promote ecosystem health.

Prescribed burns are used for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Reducing the risk of catastrophic wildfires by removing excess vegetation and dead fuel
  • Maintaining healthy ecosystems by promoting new growth and removing invasive species
  • Restoring habitats for wildlife by mimicking the natural fire regimes that some species require for survival
  • Supporting cultural practices by managing landscapes in ways that are consistent with traditional Indigenous land management practices.

More information is available at:


(Outcome 1.1 and 1.2 of Council's Sustainability Strategy)