Palmerston provides a wonderful environment for walking and cycling.

Whether you want to walk or ride for fun, fitness or even as a means of active transport, there are many shared paths to enjoy.

Council provides and maintains 110kms of footpaths and 40kms of bicycle paths within the municipality. View the network of roads and paths here.

While all bike paths and footpaths in the Northern Territory are considered ‘shared paths’ (permitting use by pedestrians and cyclists), it is important to remember that pedestrians have right of way.

Cyclists must wear a properly fitted and fastened helmet when riding a bicycle on a road or road-related area. Wearing a helmet is not compulsory for riders over 17 years of age when riding on a path or public place that is separated from the road. However, it is recommended that cyclists wear a helmet at all times.

If a walking or cycling path requires repairing, contact Council:   
p: (08) 8935 9955