Project status:

In Palmerston for most of the year ambient temperatures and humidity are high. Landscaped spaces and green corridors enhance visual appeal, cool our infrastructure and support physical and mental health of our residents and visitors.

Project information

The Liveable Cities project included a number of projects that aim to increase green cover through landscaping and tree planting. 

Cost and duration

Estimated $3.5 million over 3 years and was a joint initiative with City of Palmerston and Northern Territory Government.

  • Reduces effects of heat and climate
  • Promotes the viability of small retail and commercial businesses
  • Helps building owners to attract and retain tenants
  • Improves comfort for residents, workers and visitors to the area
  • Creates local jobs by making shopping streets more inviting and interesting places to work and shop
  • Build local community and civic pride among the business community and people of the Palmerston region
  • Provides economic uplift Increases health benefits

Zuccoli Parade Streetscape Project

The beautification of Zuccoli Parade, between Lambrick Avenue and Vitex Street, involved the planting of native trees and grasses across verges, median strips and roundabouts; contributing to the greening, shading and cooling of the area. The project commenced in early February 2020 and was completed in June 2020.

Project budget: This project was funded by the Northern Territory Government and City of Palmerston.

Download: Project design plans

Temple Terrace Streetscape 

The beatification of Temple Terrace, Moulden between Chung Wah Terrace and Tilston Avenue. The work involved the planting of trees and grasses, both dryland and irrigated; contributing to the greening, shading and cooling of the area.

The project was originally to be delivered over four years but was delivered in a total of 18 months.

Project budget: This project is funded by the City of Palmerston and the Northern Territory Government's Special Community Assistance and Local Employment (SCALE) grant. 

Download: Project design plans

Tree Planting

City of Palmerston is committed to creating and maintaining green spaces to improve the environment, attractiveness and liveability of our City.
During 2019/2020, Council undertook a significant tree planting program throughout the municipality with 600 new trees being planted from November 2019 - March 2020, providing shade, improving air quality and beautifying our City. 

In addition to these 600 trees, Council has also planted over 100 further trees in response to resident requests (during this period) and other ad-hoc tree replacements in areas such as the Palmerston CBD and on Emery Avenue. As a result of these programs, residents will see an increase in trees along roads such as Forrest Parade, Bonson Terrace, Temple Terrace, Baldwin Avenue and Woodroffe Avenue.

There have also been many new trees planted in the following parks:  Woodroffe Park, Dunbar Park, Sibbald Park, Marlow Lagoon Recreation Park, Sanctuary Lakes, Geoid Park and Tiverton Park. 

Tree Planting Count and Outcomes: As a tree matures, it can consume 0.5kg of carbon dioxide per annual and releases enough oxygen for a person to breathe for two years. A mature tree will consume up to 22kg of carbon dioxide per year.  The planting of 700 trees will eventually equate to the reduction of 15.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, the same as removing 3.6 cars permanently off the road.

Project budget: This project is funded by the City of Palmerston and the Northern Territory Government

Photos below left to right: suburb of Zuccoli, Woodroffe shops, artist impression of Woodroffe shops, entrance to Zuccoli, artist impression of new entrance to Zuccoli, cnr Temple Tce and Chung Wah Tce, artist impression of cnr Temple Tce and Chung Wah Tce.