In accordance with Section 247 of the Northern Territory Local Government Act, rate concession is a waiver in whole or part of an obligation to pay rates or a component of rates. Council may grant a rate concession unconditionally or on condition.

Council’s Rate Concession Policy outlines assistance for ratepayers for rates/charges levied on their principal place of residency/principal place of living or institutions that fall under Section 248 Local Government Act.

The following concessions are available:

  1. Remission of interest due to:
    a. Administrative reasons, errors or omissions which caused or significantly contributed to the failure to pay rates in a timely manner.
    b. Proven Financial Hardship (by approved Financial Counsellor) and maintained feasible payment schedule.
  2. Deferment of Rates due to:
    a. Proven Financial Hardship (by approved Financial Counsellor).
  3. Waiving of Rates, Charges or Legal Fees due to:
    a. Proven Financial Hardship (by approved Financial Counsellor).
    b. Administrative errors caused by Council.
  4. Correction of Anomalies in the operation of the rating system.
  5. Public Benefit Concession in line with Section 250 of the Local Government Act.

If you have any questions to the application process, contact: 
Rates Team
Council Office: Civic Plaza, 1 Chung Wah Terrace, Palmerston 
p: (08) 8935 9961

Northern Territory Concession Scheme (NTCS)

Eligible NTCS members are entitled to a concession on rates. The City of Palmerston receives a listing from the NT Concession and Recognition Unit of all rate payers that are eligible for a concession at the time of levying rates.

Concessions for eligible members are automatically included on the rate notice.

If a member becomes eligible part way through the rating year they must pay the rates in full to Council and then contact the NT Concession Scheme for reimbursement on 1800 777 704.

For more information visit Northern Territory Concession Scheme.