Territory Day is a special day celebrated by Territoran’s each year on 1st July marking the commencement of Self Government in 1978.

The day is famously celebrated with fireworks displays both public and private, with the Northern Territory being the only place in Australia where the public are able to purchase fireworks. 

With this privilege comes the responsibility to make sure we look after our children, pets and friends to ensure no one gets hurt. Everyone has a responsibility to use fireworks carefully so that we can celebrate Territory Day in a fun and safe way. 

Celebrate with consideration: 

  • Light your fireworks between 6.00pm and 11.00pm only. Remember: lighting fireworks outside of this time places unnecessary stress on pets and their owners.
  • Never give fireworks to children under 12 years of age and always supervise children.
  • Handle fireworks with care to prevent injury and property damage.
  • Never aim fireworks at other people 

Take precautions to protect yourself and those around you:  

  • Only buy fireworks from a licensed retailer. Illegal fireworks can be extremely dangerous.
  • Carefully read and follow the labels and directions on all fireworks.
  • Have a hose or a couple of buckets of water ready.
  • Clear a 10 metre in diameter area as an ignition site and clear any flammable material such as dry grass or mulch. 
  • Never relight dud fireworks.
  • Do not wear synthetic clothing around fireworks. 

Look after your pets by: 

  • Making sure your pets are in a safe space - where possible keep dogs in a confined room like the bathroom or laundry when fireworks are going off. 
  • Checking your yard and fence for any gaps or holes that could become escape routes for your pets if they become stressed. 
  • Make sure your dog is registered and microchipped - if your dog does escape and is picked up by Council, it can be easily identified by our rangers. 

Call our 24-hour line on 8935 99922 if you find any lost or stray dogs. 

In an emergency phone 000 to contact police, fire or ambulance. To seek non urgent medical call Health Direct NT on 1800 022 222. 

For more safety tips visit www.fire.nt.gov.au or www.nt.gov.au/health