Create our Reconciliation Action Plan with us!

We are excited to officially embark on our very first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Our RAP will be the first level, Reflect, which is designed to build strong foundations to assist in engaging in reconciliation in a meaningful way. 

As a community that is culturally rich and inclusive, a RAP will help us take sustainable and strategic meaningful action to advance reconciliation for our community. The RAP will be a supplementary plan to our Inclusive, Diverse and Accessible Policy Framework (IDA), and will demonstrate our commitment to everyone equally in our community. 

About the group
The group will meet once a month to achieve in delivering our very first RAP 'Reflect' document. The group will then will meet once every second month, to monitor progress.  External members of the community, outside of Council, will be remunerated per meeting in line with sitting fees for Elected members. ie. $200 for meetings up to 2 hours, $300 for meetings up to 4 hours, $500 for meetings over 4 hours. 

How to get involved 
To apply to join the working group, please submit your expression of interest by 6 August. Tell us in your own words how you think you can positively contribute to the working group. What skills, experience and/or qualifications will you bring? Inclusivity and collaboration are at the heart of this project, and we want to hear from you. We strongly encourage our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members to join. 

How to submit
You can submit your expression of interest via email, telephone or even send us a video or audio file! There is no length limit nor restrictions. Just make sure you address the above criteria. If you need assistance in your expression of interest, please contact us.

Lets work together to build a future based on mutual respect and understanding.

Terms of Reference 

Reconciliation Working Group - Expressions of Interest

Tell us what skills, experience and qualifications you can bring to the working group.
Please provide a written answer or attach a video or audio file below. 

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