City of Palmerston's Creative Industries Plan 2023 - 2027 outlines the strategic vision of Palmerston to support and grow its creative industries, with a focus on its existing cultural assets throughout this development.

The Creative Industries Plan is a culmination of extensive community consultation and research into the needs and opportunities for the city’s creative industries. It contains a range of objectives to support the growth and long-term sustainment of the creative sector, including:

  • Encouraging the utilisation of Palmerston’s existing open spaces, parks, lakes and other natural assets for creative programs, events, and activities.
  • Supporting the distinct cultural and creative elements of Palmerston.
  • Investing in and increasing access to creative development workshops, employment opportunities and platforms for positive promotion for a range of ages and abilities.
  • Supporting the existing and fostering new partnerships between creative industries, Northern Territory organisations and local businesses to maximise financial resourcing and stimulate new economic opportunities.

The Creative Industries Plan reflects the City of Palmerston's commitment to supporting the creative sector as a vital contributor to the local economy and wellbeing of the community.