Palmerston is considered to be one of Australia's fastest growing Cities. As a result, environmental values within Palmerston are under pressure from the pace and form of urban development occurring within the municipality. City of Palmerston Council has adopted a bold new Sustainability Strategy to ensure the environment and liveability of Palmerston is protected and enhanced for current and future generations. (download the full strategy below)

Local residents, Council and community groups are working together to ensure the protection of many of the key environmental values around Palmerston. These include the preservation of bush land, climate change, water quality and biodiversity.

Community awareness and interest has traditionally been strong and has contributed to the setting aside of land for reserves which would otherwise have been developed. An example has been the creation of the Palmerston Escarpment which has ensured that a green corridor will be protected in the long term.

Council has facilitated several successful initiatives to address some of the environmental issues effecting Palmerston. The Mitchell Creek Landcare Group have been actively involved in planning and planning issues throughout the catchment, and have revegetated and maintained vegetation along the creek.

To further support the environment, Council has made an environmental grant available for projects which will have an environmental benefit. These projects could respond to matters such as: 
•    Waste reduction strategies (reducing non-recyclables or single use containers)
•    Projects to achieve water or energy efficiency 
•    Rehabilitation of the environment (native planting/litter collection).

To further support the delivery of environmental initiatives, Council has also committed to supporting local businesses to reduce their environmental impact. 

Council will also consider granting up to a cumulative total of $20,000 per annum to commercial entities per year, subject to at least 50% of the cost of the project being matched by the applicant.

The funding is available through Council’s Community Benefit Scheme. For further information, please click here


Sustainability Strategy 2022 - 2026