Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Elected Members and Committee Members
Code of Conduct for Chief Executive Officer
Code of Conduct for Council Employees

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Community Consultation
Edible Pocket Garden
Laneway Management
Lighting Up Palmerston
Preserving our Urban Forest
Recognition of Service to the Community

Finance and Rating

Credit Card by CEO
Debt Collection 
Financial Reserve 
Fraud and Corruption 
Grants, Donations and Sponsorships 
Rate Concession  
Rating Policy 
Related Party Disclosure
Security Payments
Sufficient Interest in the Assessment Record


Appointment of Deputy Mayor
Audio/Audiovisual Conferencing
Breach of Code of Conduct by Elected Member
Breach of Code of Conduct by Elected Member Complaint Form
Casting Vote
Confidential Information 
Elected Member Allowances and Expenses
Elected Member Casual Vacancies 
Gifts and Benefits for Elected Members
Human Resource Management 
Social Media
Open Data
Political Involvement in Council Events
Risk Management and Audit Committee Terms of Reference
Shared Services
Accountable Forms (Members and CEO)
Gifts and Benefits by Chief Executive Officer

Infrastructure and Regulatory

Alcohol Management: PLEASE NOTE: In accordance with the new Liquor Act 2019, section 171, a person must not consume liquor in any public place in Palmerston without permission from the owner occupier of the public place.
Asset Management
Lease of Council Property
Outdoor Dining


Public Question Time