Have you recently received a City of Palmerston fine related to parking, public places or your dog? Under certain circumstances, infringements issued can be reviewed, which means you need to provide all the relevant details when applying to help us make a decision. 

​​Requests must be submitted by completing the infringement request form. All fields must be completed. Partially completed forms will not be accepted.

A review request may be submitted within 28 days of receiving the infringement.

Please note: Council will only allow one review per infringement notice.

How to apply

Return the completed request form to:
Council Office: Level 1, Civic Plaza, 1 Chung Wah Terrace, Palmerston
e: palmerston@palmerston.nt.gov.au

The following are not valid reasons for submitting a parking infringement review request:

  • the ticket or permit had fallen out of sight or flipped upside down – you must ensure the pay and display ticket is displayed correctly prior to leaving your vehicle.
  • you left your permit in the other car – if you do not have your permit you need to purchase a pay and display ticket and park legally in a bay that is available.
  • you thought you were allowed to park there – only authorised vehicles can park in Loading Zones, Taxi Bays, Disabled Bays, Reserved Bays and Bus Zones.
  • you did not see the sign – as the driver, it is your responsibility to look for parking signs to ascertain if parking is permitted in the area you intend to leave your vehicle.
  • you did not understand the parking sign – the signs are based on Australian Standards.
  • you went to get change for the machine – you need to arrange this before you arrive.
  • you lost track of time.
  • your doctor’s appointment/hairdresser/job interview etc went over time – you must ensure you have parked in a place that provides enough time.
  • you had to use the toilet.
  • you were only parked for a few minutes – parking fees are to be paid after parking your vehicle.

Request further time to pay

You can apply in writing to Council and request for further time to pay the infringement notice. Council may request information or documentation in support of your application. Part payments of infringements will not be accepted.

Written submissions can be submitted via the following:
Council Office: Level 1, Civic Plaza, 1 Chung Wah Terrace, Palmerston
PO Box 1, Palmerston NT 0831
e: palmerston@palmerston.nt.gov.au

Please note: Council may refuse to deal with the application if all information or documentation is not provided.