A driveway crossing is the section of ground including the concrete kerb and footpath you use to get your vehicle from the roadway to the driveway within your property.

Council will maintain and provide one driveway per property for all suburbs within the municipality. In older suburbs existing driveways may be bitumen, in newer ones they may be concrete.

Generally, driveways are constructed once building of the dwelling is completed to minimise damage. The waiting period is approximately two to three weeks. 

New standard driveways

Single dwelling: 3.5m x verge width x 100mm thick reinforced concrete
Unit complexes: 6m x verge width x 100mm thick reinforced concrete
Commercial: 6m x verge width x 150mm thick reinforced concrete
Industrial: 6m x verge width x 200mm thick reinforced concrete

It is a requirement of Council that residents obtain a work in public places permit to construct their own driveway before commencing works. It is required to contact Council to book an inspection prior to pouring concrete. This inspection is mandatory in order to apply for a reimbursement on a standard driveway.

Driveway reimbursements

Reimbursement is available for eligible driveways that are constructed by the owner of the property, pending all of the above conditions and specifications are met to the satisfaction of Council. A property owner may apply for a reimbursement along with a work in public places permit, however the payment will be subject to compliance with the permit conditions and a final inspection.

Council will reimburse the amount that it would have cost Council to construct the driveway and is based on contractor rates for reinforced concrete and standard ‘broom’ finish. Where a property owner elects to have a more expensive finish or material, the reimbursement will be calculated on the standard concrete and finish.