City of Palmerston governs essential community services such as waste management, domestic animal management, playgrounds and recreational facilities, and the city's library.

The Elected Council consists of the Mayor and seven Councillors, including the Deputy Mayor.

Palmerston does not operate under a ward system with each Councillor serving the entire local community, rather than a specific region within the municipality.

Palmerston was originally governed by the Palmerston Development Authority, which later became the Palmerston Town Council, was designated a City in 2000 and became Palmerston City Council and now is known as the City of Palmerston.

Our vision

A Place for People

Our mission

The City of Palmerston is committed to: 

  • Improving the safety of all our citizens 
  • Maintaining our own identity 
  • Providing services, facilities and amenities to support the community’s needs 
  • Developing and maintaining our reputation for being clean and green 

We will achieve this through delivering to our community high quality value for money services that meet their diverse needs.

Our values  

Commitment and accountability
Sustainability and self-sufficiency
Quality resources
A culture of continuous improvement