Upgrades to streets and roads

City of Palmerston manages a road repair program which includes both bitumen reseal and asphalt overlay works. 

Bitumen resealing and asphalt overlay are critical steps in maintaining Council’s current sealed road network.  It reduces the maintenance costs of these roads and extends their overall life. Further information on what the programs entail is below. 

Work will be planned to keep disruptions on roads to a minimum during this period, however residents can expect short delays, particularly when roads are reduced to one lane or when detours of the worksite are in place.

Traffic management will be in place for the safety of both the workers and road users. Council asks that you please follow the direction of traffic controllers and signs during this period.

For residential area works, the contractor will notify residents where works will occur. 

Bitumen Reseal Program

Council undertakes periodic bitumen resealing work to rejuvenate and extend the life of roads and streets. The bitumen resealing process consists of spraying a thin film of bitumen across the road surface, and then adding small stones on top. This forms a durable waterproof dust free layer on top of the road, can improve the skid resistance, and reduces the occurrence of potholes and cracks forming. Typically, the life of a bitumen reseal is 15-20 years, after which time bitumen sealing should be undertaken.

Asphalt Overlay Program

Council undertakes periodic asphalt overlay work to renew sections of the road network to the latest standard. Asphalt overlays are used on very busy sections of roads such as roundabouts and intersections. This process is used when the road structure is in a reasonable condition, but the surface is very uneven or has been damaged and deformed. The asphalt overlay process involves laying a hot mix of bitumen aggregate and sand, spreading it then rolling it across the road surface. Typically, the useful life of an asphalt overlay is 20-25 years, after which time asphalt overlay should be undertaken.