City of Palmerston is committed to providing quality animal management services to our community. By-Laws govern the way we manage animals in our municipality and a review is needed to improve our service delivery and meet the growing and changing needs of the Palmerston community.

Current Status

The full process of By-Law preparation and enactment can take more than 18-24 months, from initial consultation, drafting and publication through to enactment. We are committed to working in partnership with the community to make the new By-Laws as effective as possible. 

Community Consultation - New By-Laws

We are pleased to share the new By-Laws with you, which have been drafted following community feedback in 2021.

Consultation for the new By-Laws closed on 12 February 2024. Feedback is currently being considered by Council.

Public information sessions were held at the following dates and locations:


Wednesday, 17 January

5:30pm to 6:45pmPalmerston Recreation Centre*
Friday, 19 January5:30pm to 6:45pm Marlow Lagoon Dog Park
Saturday, 20 January8:30am to 10:00amMarlow Lagoon Dog Park
Saturday, 27 January9:00am to 11:00amGateway Shopping Centre
Sunday, 28 January8:00am to 9:30amBakewell Dog Park
Thursday, 1 February11:00am to 1:00pmPalmerston Recreation Centre
Friday, 2 February3:30pm to 5:30pmCity of Palmerston Library
Saturday, 3 February5:00pm to 6:45pmZuccoli Dog Park
Thursday, 8 February5:00pm startCouncil Chambers**

*Location was changed from Bakewell Dog Park to Palmerston Recreation Centre due wet weather.
**This was a Palmerston Animal Management Network meeting held in Council Chambers and open for the general public. 

Further Information

Consultation Outcomes

We would like to thank the community for their responses during both Animal Management By-Laws consultations, which occurred in 2021 and 2024. To view a summary of the engagement elements from 2021, please download the 2021 Consultation Outcomes Flyer and the community consultation report from 2021


When were the first City of Palmerston Animal Management By-Laws created and why change them now?

The Palmerston (Animal Management) By-Laws came into force in 1999, 25 years ago. Since then, we’ve seen significant population growth and gaps within the By-Law scope have emerged. Best practice relating to animal ownership, welfare and regulation have evolved and it’s time we amend our By-Laws to reflect community expectations and better govern domestic animal ownership.

What are the gaps and issues City of Palmerston hopes to address in the new Animal Management By-Laws?

City of Palmerston is looking to address dog attacks and menaces, the ability to declare dogs dangerous, better manage nuisance behaviours, licensing differences including limiting the total number of animals per property, cat management including registration.

What happens if I have more than the allowable limit for existing animal licences?

A licence or registration issued, granted or renewed under the former By-Laws that is in force immediately before the commencement continues as if the licence or registration were issued, granted or renewed under these new By-Laws.

When will the new Animal Management By-Laws come into effect?

Scheduled for 1 July 2024

Are there any anticipated costs associated with the proposed changes to the By-Laws?

There are no anticipated costs associated with the proposed changes.

How did City of Palmerston decide on By-Law amendments? 

Regulatory Services worked with key service providers and other government agencies to develop a concept idea and a community consultation delivery plan. The idea was to gain an understanding of key areas of interest and changes within animal management, to ensure the effective adoption of desired changes by the community as well as ensuring the By-Laws are modern and contemporary. 

The first community consultation ran for 60 days in 2021, with feedback from the community being a significant factor in formulating the new Animal Management By-Laws.


For information, contact us on:
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