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Borrow or reserve up to eight eBooks and eight eAudiobooks at any one time for a period of two weeks. Borrow up to 50 eMagazines for as long as you like. Download it on the go - 24/7.

Download to your computer

  1. Click continue browsing to borrow more titles
  2. Go to Discover Libraries NT
  3. Sign in with you library number and password
  4. Search eBooks or eAudiobooks
  5. Click on the borrow tab of the required title
  6. Click on confirm eBook loan
  7. Click download and save (chose where you want to save the title)

For tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices

The Borrowbox App allows you to browse and download eBooks and eAudiobooks on your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Enjoy the best collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks on you mobile devices wherever you go and whenever you want with Borrowbox Library App

Download Borrowbox Library App: Android or iOS: iPhone & iPad


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