Grow Well Live Well

In 2014 a group of community organisations agreed to start working together in a new way to improve how children and young people grow up in Palmerston. This new way of working is called Collective Impact. 

Collective Impact helps organisations and communities to work together to address complex social problems, such as ‘how do we support children and young people to grow up and reach their full potential?’

Genuine community voice can be tricky to gather, therefore we have used a number of different strategies to help us gather this vital information to get a clear picture of the issues that are important to Palmerston community members, finding out what are the worries and how these can be addressed.  

Following this extensive community, service provider and stakeholder consultation period the information gathered has been used alongside other publicly available data to put together the first Palmerston State of the Children Report. A progress report will be released in 2022 with the aim of monitoring how children and young people are faring. 

GWLW has committed to using the report to work with the community to plan action and advocate for resources and system change to support improving outcomes for children and young people in Palmerston.

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Palmerston State of the Children Report
Palmerston State of the Children Technical Report
Palmerston State of the Children Report Card