Hooked on Palmerston Winners

Winners will be contacted within 24 hours of the draw by phone. Winners will also be listed here on our website and published in the NT News.

How to hook a prize

From capturing a tagged barra, to tackling the 'Lucky Baz' tag of the month, there are multiple ways to win a local voucher with Hooked On Palmerston! Check out the categories below.

Monthly Draws

Tagged Barramundi:  The first five (5) tagged Barramundi to be caught and correctly submitted will be awarded with a $250 voucher every month of the competition! 

'Lucky Baz':
If you’re lucky enough to hook a the Lucky Baz tagged barra, be quick to submit your entry! There is a $1000 voucher awarded to an eligible submission. The prize pool will accumulate each month if not caught, potentially being worth up to $4000!
There will be a new 'Lucky Baz' tag number released at the beginning of each month.

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Hooked on Palmerston Winners

October 2021

Tagged Barramundi
Jack Yewsang
Joseph Graham 
Macey Newport
Mark Copley 
Sam Keating 

Lucky Baz Tag Number #119
Not awarded

November 2021

Tagged Barramundi
Garet Byrne
Kye Bennell

Lucky Baz Tag Number #126
Not awarded

December 2021

Tagged Barramundi
Boewyn Mason-Campbell 
Brando Westley 
Alistair Henderson 
Tyler Jones 

Lucky Baz Tag Number #112
Not awarded

 January 2022

Tagged Barramundi
Lucas Flynn 
David Gray 
Darren Nelson 
Daniel Flynn 
Steve Westley 

Lucky Baz Tag Numbers #110 #112 #119 #126
Not awarded