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The Youth Info Map was created to support the connection of young people to services and safe spaces in Palmerston. It highlights services and how young people can get in contact with them. It also includes important emergency numbers and informs young people about the 6 safe spaces that are available to them to socialise and or ask for help.

City of Palmerston was funded by the Northern Territory Government to develop a Palmerston specific Youth Information Map. This project saw the completion of Goal 3 of the Palmerston Youth Action Plan. It also gave the opportunity to mentor a youth contractor in project management, she collaborated with the Palmerston College Community Services Students and teacher Miss Polly.

Miss Polly also supported her Community Services Class to paint a mock-up of the artwork at the Palmerston Recreation Centre. 

You can get a copy of the map at Palmerston middle or high schools and at the services listed on the map.

Printable Map

Youth Services Directory

Google Map to Palmerston Based Services 

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