Desexing and Microchipping Program

UPDATE: Bookings for our $10 desexing and microchipping program is now full.

We have received a large influx of interest. Our extensive waitlist is being worked through, and we hope to advise those customers of their confirmed bookings soon.

Thank you for your support. We hope to offer a similar initiative again.


Frequently asked questions 

What does the $10 include?

Desexing, microchipping and registration for new dogs to Palmerston.

Does my pet need to be registered to be a part of the program?


For any new dogs to Palmerston, registration will be included in the $10 fee. 

Any dogs with pending registration will need to pay the registration fee with Council. This can be done when booking to be a part of this program. 

Cats are not required to be registered in Palmerston. 

What if my dog or cat is already microchipped? 

You can still access the $10.00 desexing. 

What if I want to get my pet just desexed or microchipped?

Unfortunately desexing or microchipping alone is not a part of the program. Keep an eye out for upcoming microchipping programs.