Palmy Pride Picnic

The Northern Territory Youth Round Table is a direct communication avenue between young Territorians and the Northern Territory Government. The Round Table consists of 16 members who are aged 15 to 25 years. Round Table members are representative of the geographic, cultural and ethnic diversity in the Northern Territory. It provides an opportunity for young people to have their views heard by the Northern Territory Government about issues that interest or affect them. 

City of Palmerston saw it's first Pride Picnic in 2020 when a member of the NT Youth Round Table Paige, approached City of Palmerston to discuss their community project to create a safe space in Palmerston for our LGBTQIA+ Community.

 A working group was formed with NT Youth Round Table, City of Palmerston, Headspace Darwin, Drag Territory and Rainbow Territory to support the round table member Paige. The initial plan was to hold a small consultation with youth on how best to implement and set up such a space. 

What commenced as a small consultation quickly grew to a community picnic and pride celebration, after the Facebook Event was launched and over 100 people showed interest in attending. 

City of Palmerston hosted the Picnic at the Recreation Centre the day included a community consultation, large picnic games, pride-themed badge making, drag show which included Hailey Berry there youngest Queen and the event concluded with a powerful panel, where panellist shared their personal stories and experiences. Young people in the audience also shared their experiences and issues faced as a person a part of the Rainbow Family. 

The Picnic saw 133 community members join us and included special guest, Lauren Moss, Eva Lawler, Mark Turner, City of Palmerston Mayor Athina Pascoe-Bell and CEO Luccio Cararelli. 

This event supported the Cultural Diversity Outcomes of our Community Plan and Goals of our Youth Action Plan to support young people to be leaders.