Palmerston Youth Local Drug and Action Team

The Local Drug Action Team (LDAT) Program supports communities to work together to prevent and minimise the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs. There are now 280 Local Drug Action Teams across Australia. In Palmerston the LDAT is specifically Youth related. 

The Palmerston Youth Local Drug and Action Team (PYLDAT) are proud to have supported young people to create resources to address these issues. Several young people participated in the project with the following resources created:

  • Artworks
  • Poetry
  • Mental Health Check in Activity
  • 'Lets Talk about it' Booklet
  • Shirt Printing Activity with slogan 'Know your Place, Know your People

Alongside this the PYLDAT developed a promotional video to showcase all of the places and programs in Palmerston for young people to engage with. Young people in the working group suggested a campaign with positive messaging would be more successful, than a 'Don't do drugs and alcohol campaign' . They felt if young people knew what they could be doing to form healthy and safe community connections and participate in safe engaging activities that this would prevent young people from using drugs and alcohol. 

View the 'Positive Palmerston Video' HERE

More info about Local Drug and Action Teams HERE

This project was funded by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation. The Project was led by Palmerston and Regional Basketball Association (PaRBA) and supported by young people, City of Palmerston, Northern Territory Primary Health Network, Department of the Chief Minister Cabinet and Red Cross.