Get Active Palmerston continues!
This exciting health and wellbeing program features a range of activities throughout 2024. Open to all Palmerston residents and visitors, this program offers a diverse range of activities tailored to accommodate every fitness level and ability.

Participate in our FREE health and well-being sessions by simply registering once, which covers all of 2024. Take this amazing opportunity to attend as many activities as you like, enhancing both your mental and physical health while making new connections with like-minded individuals in the community.

The next Get Active timetable will cover August - September, and will be made available in July. So, let's get moving and embark on this wellness journey together!

Activity Provider Mailing List

If you're interested in becoming an activity provider as part of our Get Active program, subscribe to our mailing list for further information. 

Frequently asked questions


Please stay home if unwell.

How do I register?

Click on the register button above to register for the Get Active, Palmerston or head to Get Active Registration 

How much do the classes cost?

Registration into the program is free. Classes are free. Please check the timetable for more information. 

How long does the block run?

Get Active, Palmerston will run from February to May and August to November. 

Do I have to book classes?

Some classes do require bookings, while others do not. Information on booking requirements and contact details are contained in the program. Please note: bookings are made directly with suppliers, not City of Palmerston. 

What if I haven't done the activity before?

Great! 'Get Active, Palmerston' is all about trying out new things to see if you like them. All of the suppliers must scale the workout to suit beginners, so get out there and give it a go.

Zero tolerance 

We have a zero-tolerance approach for any antisocial, aggressive, dangerous or intimidating behaviour, consumption and possession of alcohol, and of any illicit substances.

Can I bring children to the classes? 

It is best to contact each supplier directly as each location is different. 

Can I bring along a friend who isn't registered?

Anyone who attends 'Get Active, Palmerston' sessions must be a registered participant for insurance reasons. 

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Phone (08) 8935 9975 or email: and we will assist you with any other queries you may have.