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If you can dream it, you can build it! Join Dante St James for our Entrepreneurship 101 workshops. This program is made up of 8 sessions designed to explore the idea of entrepreneurship or starting a business in Palmerston city.

From looking for gaps in the market to exploring and validating your big ideas, this fun process unlocks your inner entrepreneur and gives you the next steps toward how to make your business idea a reality.

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The program includes:  

Session 1: The Goals - March 16 

Step 1: On the Road to Entrepreneurship. Rather  than big complicated Business Plans, we're  going  to do an exercise called "Ikigai." It's a Japanese concept that asks core questions that bring you an answer to what you should be doing with your time - and your life!

In this two-hour workshop, we'll work on what we should be doing - and use this process to validate if the idea you walked in with should be the idea you move forward with.

At the end of this workshop, you'll walk away with an idea of what you should focus your business on, how you'll make money on it, and a few details on who your target customer will be and how you'll try to reach them. 

Session 2: The Brand - March 30 

Step 2: Is to look at how we can help people to know us, like us, and trust us enough to buy our products or book our services. It's a vital step before you attempt to sell something.

And part of this is understanding that while you're going to have raving fans, some people are just not going to like you. And that's  100% ok.

A lot of us never get started because we're worried about what people will say or we're not sure how we'll respond to a complaint. Yet those things happen to all businesses.

You'll learn how to put forward a brand that stands for something - and how to back yourself with it.

Session 3: The Website - April 13 

Step 3: A lot of us think that we can just run a business from our Facebook page or Instagram profile. But for those of us who have had profiles banned and pages disabled for all kinds of weird and wonderful reasons, we never make that mistake again.

You own your website. No one can ban that. So it's a good idea to have one. But what goes on a website? And how can you build one without spending a fortune?

In this class, we'll build a website in 15 minutes and introduce some inexpensive ideas on how to get started with an online store without spending 100 hours learning how to use  Shopify or WordPress.

Session 4: The Process - April 27 

Step 4: As fun as starting a new business can be, at some point it won't be fun. And while the funk doesn't last forever, you can't simply stop because you don't feel as on fire as you used to.

This is where your Process comes in. It's an insurance policy for those days when things just don't feel great. You can turn on The  Process and just do it.

What is The  Process? It's different for every business, so we'll explore what  The  Process tends to be in many businesses and discover what your Process may be.

At the end of the workshop, you'll have a set of things to keep your business moving even when you don't feel like being the one to keep it moving.

Session 5: The Marketing - May 11 

Step 5: Marketing is either the most fun part of your business or the part you most dread. It's a little different for each person. But it is a necessary evil. After all, how will anyone know who you are and what you sell?

There are a few options open to new businesses with a zero budget for marketing. From building an email list to using social media, this session is all about the things you can do to Get  Known, Get  Found, and Stay Known to your existing and future customers.

You'll also get a look inside the online tools that you can use to do most of your marketing yourself!

Session 6: The Money - May 25 

Step 6: From teenagers flexing with their wads of cash on TikTok to YouTubers boasting about how they are pulling "six figures" with just 4 hours of work a week, there are a whole lot of scams and lies out there.

The reality is that you won't be rolling in cash within the first 12 months of your business. Or probably even the first five years.

So what is a healthy way to look at money in business? In this workshop, we'll look at how to measure success in terms of money  - in your world. And we'll dissect some of the tricks people are using to embellish how much they make.

You'll learn how to form your own expectations around money and your business.

Session 7: The People - June 8 

Step 7: It takes a village to raise a child - and it takes a team to build a business. Even  Elon Musk had a head start with a rich Dad and a rich mindset.

So let's assume you don't have rich parents to help you out, where does the help come from?  It starts with the people around you. They'll be your biggest fans?

While we will touch on hiring people like employees, contractors, and virtual assistants, we'll really be  looking closely at building  your "tribe." These are the people that will follow you, tell people about you, and even be your customers.

We'll learn to build a tribe based on your values and your goals - and how to turn that into a sales pipeline.

Session 8: The Profile - June 22 

Step 8: You are the most unique thing about your business. Think about it. There are plenty of others doing what you do. But there's only one of you.

Personal Branding is about boldly putting yourself in front of your business, having a point of view that's yours, and sticking to it!

Even if you know lots of things, people are really only going to know you for one or two of them. And that's what you build your personal brand around.

The other thing that you'll build your brand around is your values. They form the basis of who you are.

In the lesson, you'll work out your values, your unique features, and how to form them into your own brand.

Hosted by NT Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Dante St James

Dante St James: Helping businesses and organisations to grow using digital tools, best practices, and straight-talking, plain English guidance. Certified Meta Community Trainer, Digital Marketing Associate and Media Planning Professional, Digital Solutions presenter, and advisor. A workforce Australia Entrepreneurship Facilitator and approved Google and Infoxchange Digital Springboard Training Partner. With 25+ years of web design and digital marketing experience and 21+ years of broadcast media professional. Member of ACS, ChamberNT, Territory Proud, ICTNT, Skål International & Tourism Top End Board member of Territory Proud & Skål International Darwin.