Geekfest Top End 24
Goyder Sqaure, Palmerston Library & Recreation Centre

Day 1: Geekfest Top End

The Territory's biggest comic con Geekfest Top End, is kicking off the Palmerston Youth Festival 2024! Fan favourite competitions are back including Cosplay and Esports. 

Don't miss the immersive light interactive experience 'Konnected' where Northern Lights NT will take you on a futuristic journey. 

Activities include:

  • Silent disco 
  • K Pop
  • Indie corner
  • Medieval land
  • Artist alley 
  • Stem lab 
  • Virtual reality and free gaming 
  • Board game lounge 
  • Circus area
  • Face painting and glitter me silly station
  • Brick it station 
  • Game jam
  • 18+ gaming room
  • The Ghost Busters
  • Gadgets and games 
  • Laser tag
  • Power up parade - register here
  • Interplanetary Battle Cards
  • Fire shows


For all competition information including how to register and terms and conditions click here.

  • Cosplay– Display your talent and Cosplay skills. Pre-registration – closed 30 June.
  • Ultimate Super Smash Bros– Show your gaming skills, finals are to be played on the big screen! Pre-registration. Closes 5:30pm, 6 July.
  • Video Game Development– Pre-registration – Closed.
  • Just Dance– Bust a move with Just Dance - Registration on the day.
  • Purple Brick Road– The best way to see what Geekfest Top End has to offer, collect the stamps and return to our stall for your chance to win!

Palmerston Youth Festival is brought to you by City of Palmerston and proudly sponsored by the Northern Territory Government.

This is day 1 of Palmerston Youth Festival, check out the rest of the festival details here

No scooters, rollerblades, skateboards, or bikes are allowed at the event.
We'll be taking photos for promotional use. If you prefer not to be photographed, kindly let our photographer know.