While we humans love Territory Day celebrations, the noises causes by fireworks can be extremely stressful for some animals and in some instances be a risk to their safety though physical and emotional stress, or causing them escaping the safety of their home due to fear.

At council, our goal is to return any registered dogs to their homes as quickly as possible and without penalty by providing free rides home to registered dogs found during Territory Day celebrations. 

Unregistered dogs that are picked up can be retrieved from the pound. Owners should ensure they pay their registration fees and any other related charges prior to arriving at the pound to collect their dog.

If you have lost your dog, or if you have a frightened stray wander into your yard, you can call Council's 24 hour hotline on 8935 9922 and be connected with our Rangers, this is the quickest way to get pets returned to their owners.

Below are some tips from our experience Rangers to help keep your pet safe and comforted on Territory Day.

  • MAKE SURE YOUR DOG IS REGISTERED AND MICROCHIPPED so in the event it does escape it can be easily returned if picked up by Council. 
  • Create a safe space for your dog to hide, somewhere familiar and if possible indoors in a confined room like a laundry, bathroom or even your bedroom while fireworks are going off. 
  • Distract your dog, make sure if has enough toys and food to keep it occupied, having the TV or music on in the background can help.
  • Take your dog out for some exercise before the fireworks start, a tired and well-fed dog will likely be less anxious during the night. 
  • Check your yard and fencing is secure with no tear holes or gaps to avoid your dog escaping.
  • In extreme cases, some dogs may need to be medicated to help deal with their anxiety, talk to your vet about the best solution for your dog and never give your pet medication designed for humans.  
  • Direct supervision is important to help prevent injury or escape, if you are concerned about your dog and can’t supervise your dog on the night consider making alternative arrangements.    
  • You know your pet best and therefore you are the best person to provide comfort if you think your pet might not cope well on Territory Day.