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Palmerston calls for feedback on Draft Disability, Inclusion and Access Plan

City of Palmerston is working towards an inclusive and accessible society, fulfilling the vision of ‘A place for people’. With that in mind, Council have just released their draft Disability, Inclusion and Access Plan (DIAP) which aims to ensure the future of the city works towards this goal. 

The Palmerston Disability Inclusion and Access Plan is part of a suite of documents, including the Palmerston Community Plan and the Palmerston Inclusive, Diverse and Accessible Policy Framework, that direct and drive the work of the City of Palmerston.

At the 2nd Ordinary Council meeting held on 15th February 2022, Council gave the go ahead for community consultation to commence on the draft DIAP. The DIAP consultation will encompass a focussed consultation group, working closely with people of lived experience, their families, friends and other support people in addition to representatives from community organisations who support people living with disability. 

Mayor Athina Pascoe-Bell spoke strongly around her support for the work Council are doing in this area for the community “I do believe that inclusiveness within the Palmerston community is already strong, however we need to have a strategic and consistent approach across the board. The gap needs to be closed in this space. We are all individuals that all have a right to the same programs, events, services and facilities, and I’m really proud of the work that Council are doing in this space”.

Community feedback is now open and can be accessed via the Council’s website. The consultation will run for 60 days with a final report ready to go back to Council after the consultation period.…

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