City of Palmerston is offering residents $10 pet desexing and microchipping during the month of December (terms and conditions apply).

By subsiding the costs of desexing and microchipping, Council continues to encourage responsible pet ownership throughout Palmerston.

The City of Palmerston’s Pound and supporting animal shelters across the NT are in many cases operating under full capacity. The over population of unwanted, stray or abandoned animals, can unfortunately result in animals being euthanised.

City of Palmerston Mayor recommends Palmerston pet owners book in today as spots are limited.

“This time of year, with Christmas around the corner, we see a lot of puppies and kittens being gifted and later ending up in our pound facility. Bringing a new pet into your family is a decision that shouldn’t be made lightly and requires years of commitment to follow.

If you have a pet which is not yet desexed or microchipped, I encourage you to take advantage of this low-cost offer. It’s cheaper than a cup of coffee and piece of cake! The process is very simple. Call our Rangers to book your dog or cat in for the procedure,” she said. 

For further information please contact the Regulatory Services Team on 8935 9977 or email