Community Benefit Scheme Supports Local Sport

City of Palmerston is proud to sponsor local Palmerston sporting clubs, the Palmerston Netball Association (PNA) and the Palmerston Rovers Football Club.

Council offers funding to eligible community groups and organisations, including sporting clubs, through the Community Benefit Scheme. 

The Palmerston Netball Association (PNA) based in Moulden is the home of netball in the Palmerston region and aims to encourage, educate, and promote the sport of netball. The Palmerston Netball Association manages a competition with five netball clubs, comprising approximately 60 teams and 600 individual athletes who play netball on a weekly basis from March to September in the Dry Season competition.

Alongside PNA, the Palmerston Rovers Football Club have received $5,000 sponsorship for the 2020/21 financial year.

As a long-standing community club, the Palmerston Rovers Football Club identifies as an integral part of the Palmerston sporting community, with the $5,000 sponsorship allowing them to hold a wet season and dry season competition. 

City of Palmerston Mayor, Athina Pascoe-Bell congratulates the Palmerston Netball Association and the Rovers Football Club on their successful grant application. 

“Through the sponsoring of local sporting clubs, we are assisting Palmerston residents to be active, take pride in our municipality and contribute to the sense of community.”

The Community Benefit Scheme funding includes sponsorships, donations, and grants, with scholarships and representation support also available to individuals.

City of Palmerston actively supports initiatives which benefit the community.

For further information on the Community Benefit Scheme, or to apply for financial support, visit