Project status:

Palmerston's enviable sub-tropical climate presents a unique opportunity to harness solar power to create a clean, green and energy neutral community.

Project information

Council is committed to implementing solar and renewal energy initiatives that will have both financial and environmental benefits for the Palmerston community.

Solar farms which would include:

•    Rehabilitated Archer Landfill site would accommodate up to a 15MW system
•    Archer sporting field which would accommodate a 2MW system

Cost and duration

Estimate cost (commercial partnership). The project is expected to be delivered over a 2 year period.

  • generates enough clean energy to power Palmerston making Palmerston energy neutral
  • reduces carbon emissions and energy costs
  • adaptive re-use of land
  • creates alternative revenue streams for ratepayers
  • provides energy security

Current status

Council is seeking funding partnership between the Federal, Northern Territory Government and private sector.

Solar PV Systems

To achieve Council’s sustainability goals, solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are being installed at a number of Council’s facilities. 

Solar PV system have been installed on the Palmerston Library and on the Recreation Centre, reducing energy consumption by an average of 38%. View the ongoing energy savings for each building here.

Council will be adding to this portfolio with the installation of additional solar PV systems on its other major buildings in the coming years. 

Project information

Civic Plaza and the Palmerston Swimming and Fitness Centre have been identified as suitable buildings for future installation of a solar PV system. Due to upcoming refurbishment plans, installation on the Palmerston Swimming and Fitness Centre will be postponed, however; investigations into an appropriate system for the Civic Plaza building have commenced.

In addition, as part of the Smart Cities project LED lights will be installed across Council facilities to further reduce energy consumption.

  • reduce carbon emissions 
  • reduce power costs
  • cost savings can be allocated to other Council programs and activities


Current status

A proposal has been presented to Council for development of solar PV systems on shade structures over carpark bays within the Civic Plaza allotment. The project once constructed will provide 50% of the Civic Plaza’s peak electricity demand. It will also work towards cooling the City through additional shaded carparking areas.

Photo below left to right: solar farm, Darwin International Airport - Solar farm, Archer area - proposed Palmerston solar farm