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Palmerston’s getting bigger and better!

The Northern Territory Government have confirmed that Palmerston’s Municipal boundary, as of 1 July 2022, will now include the previously unincorporated areas of Wishart, Tivendale, Kirkland Road and Elrundie, but will not include the residential developing area of Northcrest. 

As Palmerston grows in size, the existing community will reap benefits such as becoming more diverse, providing opportunities for social and economic development and improved and innovative infrastructure. 

The Northern Territory Government identified that landowners and residents of the land that is to be incorporated into the City of Palmerston area, will now have better local representation, opportunity to involve themselves in community future planning, council-maintained community infrastructure, and future advocacy with other spheres of Government. 

Mayor Athina Pascoe-Bell has welcomed the decision and sees the expanded area of industrial and potential new residents as a step towards supporting the growth of the City. “Palmerston is a growing community with plenty of investment opportunity. Given our proximity to Darwin, East Arm and the rural areas, the expansion of the municipality will provide further opportunities for improved economic and social activities for our current and future ratepayers” she said. 

The expansion fits with the Councils vision to become ‘A Place for People’ and contributes to a Vibrant Economy. “City of Palmerston has a long-term vision to achieve a vibrant future and economy. The last few years has challenged many, however we are confident and excited for the potential opportunities this expansion will bring to the current and future residents of Palmerston” said Mayor Athina Pascoe-Bell.

Full information on the municipal boundary extension and what this could mean for businesses and locals can be found on the City of Palmerston website. 


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