City of Palmerston’s 2nd ordinary Council meeting saw a notice of motion supported, for Council to investigate the feasibility for the development of a new recreation lake in Palmerston. 

Councillors agreed given the current restrictions in travel, the possible return to service of Manton Dam for Darwin’s water supply, and limited recreation water activities available, the recreation lake would be a great asset and couldn’t come at a better time. 

The suggested location of the lake has been identified in the future suburb of Mitchell, which although has already been flagged for future residential development, would provide residents with another open space area to enjoy with friends and family. The lake could also act as a drawcard for tourists, and potentially tap back into the imminent return of tourism.

It is suggested the lake could cover up to 100 hectares of water surface with open space areas surrounding, enclosed by a fence. The project will come with extensive preliminary reporting which will consider key issues such as environmental impacts, feasibility study, design testing and financial operational modelling. The project is extensive, and it is acknowledged that Council will look to the Northern Territory Government and Australian Government for their support if the initial feasibility study returns a positive result.

The report is preliminary and will outline what will be required for further consideration, but it’s one foot forward in delivering a valuable asset towards achieving a vibrant economy, and ‘A Place for People’. 

Councillor Damian Hale, who put forward the Notice of Motion, is pleased to see Council movement on this. 

“It’s really great to get Council support to take our recreation lake idea to the next stage. I know it’s a large project that needs to consider many aspects like location, residents, the economy and environment, but I do believe it will be a fantastic asset to this community,” he said.

Mayor, Athina Pascoe-Bell agreed with the motion at the meeting.

“Now is the time to move forward, take opportunities and really put Palmerston on the map.”

The recreation lake aligns with the City of Palmerston Community Plan by being a place for family and community, future focused and a vibrant economy. 

“We are a growing community, and we need to deliver not only essential services to the community, but a place they can work, relax and play in. A place that provides a range of activities for a diverse and growing community.” 

Council will begin preliminary work on the proposal of the new recreation lake and report back to Council at a later date.  

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