City of Palmerston is encouraging the community to provide input on the Draft Community Plan that will guide and shape the future direction of Palmerston.

The draft Community Plan captures the community’s vision for Palmerston and sets the priorities Council will focus on delivering over a ten-year period.

City of Palmerston Mayor Athina Pascoe-Bell said the Draft Community Plan is the result of consultation held with the community.

“Council turned the challenge of planning for the future into an opportunity for Council to demonstrate its commitment to engagement and consultation in a meaningful manner by undertaking an innovative process.

Council undertook an engagement process known as ‘deliberative democracy’. This process provides participants with facts and information and then challenges them to make the decisions. It allows them to walk in the shoes of decision makers to critically analyse that information and make decisions. This marks a significant departure from traditional consultation methods that too often fails to engage the community at the decision-making stage,” she said. 

The six key outcomes are: Family and Community; Vibrant Economy; Cultural Diversity; Future Focused; Environmental Sustainability; and Governance.     

Mayor Pascoe-Bell added Council’s Community Plan would set a clear vision for the city’s future. 

“A Community Plan, prepared by the community, enables Council to be certain that when we make decisions, we have a line of sight to the identified priorities and needs of Palmerston residents.”

The next step is further community consultation. All residents are invited to provide feedback to help inform and shape the final plan that will pave the way for our community for the next ten years. 

The Draft Community Plan is available for community feedback over a three-month period from 21 November 2018 until 28 February 2019.

To view the draft Community Plan and details on how to submit feedback, please visit