Crossing the road in Palmerston is set to become both safer and a lot more fun, with the installation of Palmerston’s first 3D pedestrian crossing.

An artistic spin on a traditional zebra crossing has been applied to a pedestrian crossing on Palmerston Circuit (between the Water Tower and Palmerston Shopping Centre).

When viewed from the perspective of approaching traffic, the painted crossing gives the impression that the white strips are floating above the surface of the road but will look flat to people using the crossing.

3D crossings are being used around Australia and beyond they are effective in creating a strong visual impact for approaching drivers, so they will slow down as the illusion catches their eye. The key to reducing traffic accidents at any crossing is to raise driver awareness of the crossing and getting them to reduce their speed.   

Quote from City of Palmerston Mayor, Athina Pascoe-Bell
“This is seen as a fun opportunity for Council to trial something new and interesting, that enhances the vibrancy of our city and potentially improves safety.

The new addition will be monitored to assess its effectiveness, and if successful, 3D crossings may be used at other locations in Palmerston. As the area is a safe-speed environment, it is a perfect first choice to trial the illusory crossing - we will observe the community and drivers’ reactions. 

The outdoor art projects Council has undertaken this year, including the Armistice Day mural on the overpass tunnel in Memorial Park and the interactive children’s play markings in Goyder Square, have been well received. 

The new crossing design is another way to not only use alternative surfaces for creative projects but is also a way of improving road safety. I’m sure the initiative will be popular with all.”