After collaborating feedback from the community regarding Playgrounds and Play Spaces in Palmerston, City of Palmerston is now open for further feedback from 19 November until 10 December on the Draft Play Space Strategy

The Draft Play Space Strategy has been developed to assist in the future planning and development of playgrounds, play and active recreation spaces in Palmerston. Play spaces offer important points of social and community activation, and provide opportunity for families, residents, and children to engage with the outdoors and natural landscapes around Palmerston. A summary of the Play Space Strategy can be found here.

We heard your initial feedback, did we get it right? Consider some of the following guiding principles when providing further feedback. 

Community involvement & influence

What types of involvement do you see yourself having on design and layout of the playground? 

Importance of play

What is the importance of play for you and your family?

Play environments as community gathering spaces

How does a 'play space' affect other areas of the park? Does this have any affect on you or your family? Why?

Engagement with nature

How important is engaging with nature and why? What would the benefits be to you? Have you experienced anywhere else where sharing the space with 'play and nature' has worked well or not?

Diverse & quality play spaces

Is there enough variety? Does it meet the needs of families of all ages? Consider how durable the equipment is.  


Consider sustainability elements of our play spaces. Do you think we could do anything better in this space? Is there room for improvement? What other examples of sustainable play spaces have your experienced.

Access for all

Is there enough adequate equipment accessible for all demographics and abilities? Are our play spaces inclusive enough?


Do you see any opportunities to partner with other industries, schools or other institutions?

Please feel free to provide further comments in the below form. Feedback will be reviewed before a final strategy is presented to council in early 2022.

Download the Full draft Play Space strategy here.

Project Stages

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