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Cyclone Preparation

With our wet weather comes the potential for cyclones.

We urge those new to the region and remind those that aren't to undertake preparation on this front as sometimes on an announcement of a severe weather warning our shop shelves become depleted of food stores, batteries, torches and other essential items, so it's best to stock up on these early and be prepared.

To make sure you and your family are ready, visit the Secure NT website for tips and assistance on how to prepare for the wet season and what to include in your cyclone kit.

In the event of a cyclonic event, we will endeavor to keep you updated via our website, so please check back for building closures and post event clean-ups.

You can also find a preparation and safety checklist on Bureau of Meterology to assist in your planning. This site is a great resource for tracking weather during these events and tune into your local radio station that also provides regular updates.

Pre-Cyclone Clean Up

Prior to each wet season, Council conducts a hard rubbish collection service for suburbs to help residents prepare for the cyclone season. 

City of Palmerston’s hard waste collection is divided into four zones. 

Collection will commence on the following dates for each zone. 

Zone 1 – Marlow Lagoon, Driver and Moulden 
Monday, 20 September

Zone 2 – Bellamack, Rosebery, Woodroffe and Bakewell
Tuesday, 28 September

Zone 3 – Gray, Gunn, Palmerston CBD and Durack
Monday, 11 October

Zone 4 – Johnston, Zuccoli and Farrar
Tuesday, 19 October

Please place your hard waste on the kerb the weekend prior to your zones collection date.

Items that will be collected:

  • household quantities of white goods
  • air conditioners
  • steel
  • bicycles
  • furniture
  • household building materials

Items that will NOT be collected:

  • green, domestic and commercial waste
  • gas bottles 
  • car parts
  • vehicle bodies
  • tyres
  • paint, oils, chemicals or other hazardous waste

When to place items on the verge: Items ready for collection are to be placed on the verge in front of your property on the weekend PRIOR to the collection dates for your suburb. Please make sure when placing items on the verge all footpaths are kept clear and pedestrians have safe access to walkways.

When the collection will take place: Collection will commence from the date of collection allocated to your suburb.

Collection will commence from the date of collection allocated to your suburb.

Note: Contractors will record the address of each property they attend. Items which appear on the verge after the dates specified will not be collected. Individual household items deemed to be of a commercial quantity will not be collected and it will be the responsibility of the owner to correctly dispose of the waste.

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take my rubbish to be collected?

Council is aiming to have all material from verges within 2 weeks of the material being placed on the verge.

Why was some of my rubbish collected at different times? 

One of Council’s objectives for this clean-up is to achieve maximum diversion and recycling rates. Residents can assist in this process by depositing their materials into pre-sorted piles according to whether it is a white good, made of steel or a reusable household furniture.

Why can’t I put green waste on the verge? Pruning of trees is part of my pre-cyclone preparation.

This service is for collecting hard waste that can be difficult to remove prior to the cyclone season, due to their size or weight (i.e. household furniture). Green waste can be taken to the Archer Waste Management Facility year-round.

What happens if I have material on the verge that is not part of the approved collection material types?

If a material is left on the verge that is not an approved material type, it will not be collected as part of the clean-up. Residents will be expected to remove the waste from the verge of their own accord.

What happens if I left material on the verge after my suburbs allocated weekend?

Contractors collecting the waste will make a record of the type and quantity of waste they collect at each address. If additional material is deposited it will not be collected as part of the clean-up and the resident will be expected to remove the waste from the verge of their own accord.

I will have trouble getting some of my larger items on the verge. Can Council provide assistance?

Council recognises that elderly people and people with disabilities may need assistance placing heavy items on their verge. If you require assistance, please contact Council on 08 8935 9922 or email