Cats can be a wonderful companion for individuals or families in our community, however feral cats can threaten wildlife and damage our environment. Council does not require cats to be registered in Palmerston, however we do assist in managing the feral cat population. 

Council offers a cat trap hire service, with a $50 refundable security deposit and one month's free hire to enable residents to manage feral cats. Cat traps can be hired from Council's customer service counter at Civic Plaza.

Feral cat trapping and management must be done in a way that ensures the welfare of the animal. This includes once trapped not leaving it in the weather, providing it with water whilst it may be trapped and ensuring that the cat is appropriately treated.

Any trapped cats should be taken to a local vet for microchip scanning so if it is a domestic cat, it can be reunited with its owner. If the owner cannot be located or if there is no microchip, they may be handed to animal rescue groups or the RSPCA for rehoming.

If the cat is feral or stray, a voucher is provided by Council to fund the veterinary costs to humanely dispose of unwanted stray or feral cats.


Fees and charges