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  • This form is an application only and that works are not to commence until a permit has been issued.
  • That Council inspection fees need to be paid for permit approval.
  • The processing of this application and issue of the approved permit will take up to 10 working days.
  • That a copy of an approved permit is to remain on site at all times whilst the works are in place and that the permit may be cancelled if this is not complied with.
  • Council will be contacted prior to any works.
  • Traffic Management Plan and engineering drawings have to be provided if required or on request.
  • Appropriate advertising will be undertaken to notify all affected residents, prior to any works in accordance with Council’s requirements.
  • Bonds may be required to be paid before collecting the permit.
  • Applicant to undertake and abide by the conditions attached with this application and any additional conditions specified in the permit.
General comment
Permit conditions

At all times it is accepted that the applicant/permit holder is fully aware of Council's standard requirements, and any other conditions specific to the works being applied for. The applicant of this permit understands and agrees to comply with the following conditions as part of this approval for works:


  • Works shall NOT commence until a signed copy of the Permit to Work on Public Places has been issued.
  • A copy of the permit is to remain on site at all times whilst permitted works are being undertaken. Failure to produce this permit on site when requested by a Council Officer may result in the permit being cancelled and or a cease work notice being issued.
  • The issue of the permit is subject to the conditions of approval stated here as part of this permit and any other special terms and conditions as stated by Council.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to contact the City of Palmerston prior to any works commencing.
  • The permit will be applicable for work between the hours of 7.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Saturday. No work is allowed on Sunday and Public Holidays unless approved otherwise by Council. Restricted hours apply to works being undertaken on roads that may disrupt peak hour traffic and bus routes. Works will only be permitted between 8.30am and 4.00pm. Works in school zones is only permitted between 8.30am and 2.00pm.
  • The applicant accepts complete responsibility for determining the location of all services and equipment of service authorities in the vicinity of the works being undertaken, and to take all steps necessary to protect any such equipment and services which may be located within the area. This includes street trees and other assets. The contractor shall seek out any plans and information to ascertain the location of services and shall advise the relevant authorities prior to works being undertaken. (Dial Before You Dig 1100).
  • Council shall at all times be indemnified against claims of all types as a result of actions by the permit holder.
  • All inspections incur an inspection fee in accordance with Council's fees and charges.
  • Failure of the applicant to abide by the conditions laid out may result in the works being done by others to Council's satisfaction at the applicant's expense.
  • The applicant shall abide by and comply with the requirement of all ordinances, relevant legislation and Council by-laws, permit conditions and any directions given by Council, relevant to the proposed works.
  • All works are to be carried out to the satisfaction of Council at no cost to Council.

Site management, safety, traffic and pedestrian management

  • Traffic/pedestrian management plan and diagrams are to be submitted along with the application to work on public places.
  • Traffic/pedestrian management plan and diagrams are to be compiled by a person with Level 1 Work Zone Traffic Management Accreditation.
  • Traffic/pedestrian management plan and diagrams shall be complied with for all permitted works.
  • All persons setting up and managing traffic control must have the relevant Work Zone Traffic Management Accreditation.
  • Maintain any works in a condition suitable for the safe and comfortable passage of vehicles and pedestrians at all times until the works are fully reinstated.
  • All works shall comply with all necessary safety precautions and requirements relating to the use of signs, barriers, hoardings and warning devices as specified by the Standards Association of Australia, Work Health and Safety and as directed by Council.
  • The permit may be revoked if weather conditions do not permit or endanger trafficable, vehicular or pedestrian use within any given area.
  • All works must be fenced off or appropriate barriers in place and maintained in a safe condition at all times. All security/safety fencing is to clearly identify the contractors name and contact details.
  • Steel plates used to cover exposed trenches are to be skid resistant and placed at right angles to oncoming traffic.
  • Bitumen surfaces are to be reinstated as soon as practicable and shall be continuously maintained until works are complete.
  • Road works will be reinstated to a minimum of 1 metre width. A 50mm thick asphalt bridge shall be installed a minimum of 300mm wide on each side of the trench.
  • Concrete and paving reinstatement in the CBD is to match the existing surface materials.
  • All excavations are to be inspected by a Council officer prior to any backfilling. The applicant shall contact Council a minimum of one (1) working day prior to requiring an inspection.
  • All works shall comply with Council's requirements and the NTG Specification for Roadwork's and Bridgework's (where applicable).
  • All excavations that cross roads and pathways will be backfilled with cement stabilised sand 6% cement by weight ratio (7MPa), poured from an agitator.
  • All works are to be carried out and fully reinstated by the approved completion date.
  • Maintain all works in a condition suitable to the safe and comfortable passage of vehicles and pedestrians at all times until the works are fully completed.
  • Representatives of the City of Palmerston shall be allowed to enter the site of works at any time to ensure all works are carried out to Council requirements.
  • A minimum of 1.2m public access is to be maintained for pedestrians at all times.

Road closures

  • Bi-directional traffic shall be maintained at all times.
  • If two lanes of traffic cannot be maintained throughout the course of the works, the applicant may apply for alternative traffic management control options.
  • Bus services, waste collection services, Northern Territory Fire and Emergency Services (NTFES) and Ambulance to be notified, for all permitted temporary/ permanent road closures.
  • Written confirmation that you have contacted these authorities is required prior to commencing works.
  • Note that they may have additional requirements so early advise is essential.
  • Council requires all temporary road closures to be advertised. A minimum of two (2) advertisements is required to be placed in the Public Notices section of the Northern Territory newspaper (NT News). The first advertisement is required 2 weeks in advance of the works. The second advertisement is required in the Saturday NT News the weekend prior to the works. A letterbox drop is required, a minimum of one (1) week prior to the works
  • The advertisement and the flyer (letter) are to be checked by Council prior to issue.
  • All affected businesses, residents and Council must be advised of any changes to the programmed works.

Parks, verges and landscaping

  • Trees or vegetation within parks and open space, on the verge or within the road reserve shall not be removed or damaged in any way unless stated on the permit.
  • Where works require entry onto Council's parks or reserves, a site meeting between the applicant and Council's representative may be required a minimum of 5 working days prior to the proposed works.
  • Where proposed works require entry to Council's parks or reserves, a security deposit will apply, the value of which will be determined at the site meeting (minimum value $500.00).
  • Access is not permitted to Council's parks or reserves during the wet season.
  • Pegs, stakes or other like devices shall not be driven into the surface of a park, reserve or oval without specific approval by Council.
  • The applicant authorises the City of Palmerston to deduct from their security deposit, any charges whatsoever incurred by the City of Palmerston having to perform any rectification of the permitted works.
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