Elected: 2021

As a Driver resident for over 17 years, and newly elected Councillor, Danielle (Dani) is committed to the Palmerston community and has a desire to contribute and represent others.

With a background in Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations, Dani brings these attributes and skills to Council, where she will support positive change where possible.  

She’s involved in an array of local groups and committees including Top End Women’s Legal Service, Walking off the War Within and Corrugated Iron Youth Arts. Outside of this, Dani enjoys spending time with her family, playing touch football and reading.

Over this term, Dani strives to gain a greater understanding of the needs and concerns of the Palmerston community and learn how she can assist in keeping the community spirit as friendly and caring as she knows it.

Mobile: 0400 268 012
Email: Councillor.Eveleigh@palmerston.nt.gov.au