Applying for a Position

Applying for one of our vacant positions is simple. Please read the instructions below and submit your application via our online recruitment system. By submitting an application for any of our vacancies you acknowledge that you have read the information below and you agree to it.

What to include in your application

Applicants need to submit a cover letter and a resume as part of their application. These two documents need to hold enough information to allow us to assess their suitability against the essential selection criteria/position requirements.

Element 1: Cover Letter
Applicants are asked to submit a cover letter that outlines how their work experience and achievements, skills, knowledge and qualifications relate to the position they are applying for. Before drawing up a cover letter, applicants should review the key responsibilities and requirements of the position in order to briefly highlight how they meet may meet the essential requirements of the role. The cover letter should not exceed one page. For example: If an essential selection criterion requires '3 years experience in customer service' the cover letter should briefly highlight the previous work experience an applicant has in this area.

Element 2: Resume 
Resumes can be submitted in any style. It is recommended that current resumes will need to include, as a minimum, details regarding your:

  1. Employment history
    - Dates of employment
    - Position titles
    - Summary of key responsibilities
    - Major achievements in this position
  2. Qualifications
    - Name and details of the qualification
    - Date when the qualification was awarded
    - Institution that delivered the qualification
  3. Licences
    - Driver’s licence and other relevant licences
  4. Special achievements
    - Awards and special recognitions
  5. Computer skills
    - Level of computer skills and expertise of software packages
  6. Professional memberships
  7. Two professional referees, who have previously supervised you
    - Name of the referee
    - Position title and Company name
    - Date when the referee worked with the applicant
    - Contact details of the referee, including a phone number and current e-mail address

How to apply

  1. After you have submitted your application, you will always receive an automatic acknowledgment e-mail. If you do not receive an e-mail, your application is either incomplete or you may have entered a wrong e-mail-address. It is your responsibility to complete all steps in the online-system as incomplete applications will not progress further. If you experience any technical issues with the system, please contact our People and Customer Team on (08) 8935 9922.
  2. Read the information regarding the job carefully and familiarise yourself with the position description and prepare your cover letter and resume for your application.
  3. Depending on the position you are applying for, you are prompted to enter information related to your resume and to answer a series of questions.
  4. If you have any general issues regarding the use of the system, you may find the information you can find here helpful.

Selection process

Our selection process is based on merit and conducted in a fair and equitable manner in accordance with the Local Government Act.

All applications received for a position will be forwarded to a nominated selection panel that will assess applications for suitability. Referee reports will usually be sought before further assessments take place, but can also take place at any other stage of the recruitment process. The panel may contact nominated referees or may seek information from other individuals who can provide information relevant to their skills, previous work and work performance. External applicants will receive one day of notice before contact with nominate or non-nominated referees is made. Furthermore, we may choose further methods to verify employment information or qualifications.

Applicants might be invited by a council representative for an interview and/or further assessments. Interviews can be of a structured or unstructured nature. Further assessments might include work testing, requesting the submission of work samples, presentations, psychological testing and other methods as determined by the selection panel.

Preferred candidates may receive a conditional offer. A pre-employment medical, a police clearance or working with children clearance, information regarding their eligibility to work in Australia and the provision of relevant qualifications or licences may be required before their employment becomes confirmed.

Unsuccessful applicants will be advised of the outcome of the recruitment process once the successful applicant has accepted our offer of employment.