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Goyder Square TV

The Goyder Square TV (GSTV) is a 5.2m wide x 3.2m high large screen LED television mounted on the Library exterior capable of broadcasting video content during both day and night. It incorporates a sound system, and is centrally controlled from the Civic Centre. The system plays a strategic role in communicating with and attracting residents and visitors to Palmerston’s central business district.

The screen also provides Council with a unique opportunity to link the city with other parts of Australia for a national experience, and with the wider international community to celebrate global events of cultural and community significance and entertainment value.

The GSTV is available for the community to promote community events and programs for free. The normal operating hours of the screen are between 7:00am and 9:00pm, although bookings can be made for content to be displayed outside of hours.

The following content is preferred for programming:

  • Major sporting events on free to air broadcasting
  • Live simulcasts from around the Northern Territory or Australia or the world which has broad popular appeal or significance
  • Media which does not rely primarily on audio
  • Media with interactive and engaging visual content
  • Community updates, event updates and informational content which appropriately informs residents and visitors regarding Palmerston and Top End events and activities
  • Appropriate broadcasts on free to air television with iconic or broad appeal to residents and visitors to Palmerston
  • Commercial advertising from Palmerston based businesses

For the full list of selection criteria, refer to the application form.

Click here to view our most recent GSTV videos.


Goyder Square TV application