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Palmerston Otaku

Mingle with like-minded adult Anime enthusiasts to watch, talk and taste all things Japanese. ╰(*°▽°*)╯ 

8 October - Mecha
Time to load up your mecha cos the future is now! Watch the genre that inspired the Transformers series as these robots, cyborgs and androids fight the good fight!  

Playlist: Bubblegum Crisis - Tokyo 2040, Mobile Suit Gundam, Kurau Phantom Memory

22 October - Spooky but Fun
How spooky can you be? These anime will have you ducking under the covers and lying awake at night with their nightmarish content. Are you brave enough to watch?  

Playlist: Death Note, Hellsing, Trinity Blood

5 November - Idols
Break out the karaoke machine and sing along! Follow the lives of these pop idols and wannabes as they venture down the path to stardom!   

Playlist: A3!, Idoly Pride, Show by Rock!!

19 November - Kawaii
Super Kawaii!! Follow the misadventures and hilarious situations these impossibly cute anime characters find themselves in! 

Playlist: Shonen Maid, Hanayamata, Alice & Zouroku

This program is aimed for age 18 and up, because the big kids love to have fun too!

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