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Environmental Initiatives

Council is committed to helping our community become more environmentally sustainable, and supports initiatives that promote renewable and sustainable practices. 

To help deliver this across the community, Council has made funding available for projects which will support environmental sustainability. 

Council will support environmental initiatives, where there is a demonstrated improvement that can be achieved in the environment as a result of the project/initiative. These initiatives may include, but are not limited to:

  • Waste reduction strategies (reducing non-recyclables or single use containers)
  • Water or energy efficiency opportunities
  • Rehabilitation of the environment (native planting/litter collection)

Whilst funding under the Community Benefit Scheme is typically aimed at community groups, there are opportunities for commercial entities to request Environmental Initiative grant funding, where the commercial entity contributes at least 50% of the project cost and demonstrates the environmental and community benefits of the proposal.

This funding is available under the Community Benefit Scheme, and eligibility details for this funding can be found here.  

Graffiti Removal Grant

Graffiti can significantly affect community pride. Tackling graffiti and including the community in the pursuit of a clean and friendly neighbourhood is something which Council is committed to. To help achieve this, Council has made funding available to support graffiti removal projects being undertaken by the community. 

Funding will be granted subject to the following conditions: 

  • This grant funding will be restricted to an amount of $500 per request and is accessible by community groups only. 
  • A Graffiti Removal Grant Form has been submitted and includes supporting evidence as detailed in the form. This includes providing evidence of the property owner’s consent to undertake the graffiti removal from a proposed location. 
  • Evidence of the graffiti removal must be provided to Council upon completion of the project.

If you are not eligible for the Graffiti Removal Grant funding, you may be able to take advantage of Council’s other support options for graffiti removal. More information on these, along with how Council responds to graffiti, can be accessed here.


Graffiti Removal Grant Form