Would you like to make new friends and connect with your neighbours? How about getting together and organising a party on your street, or at your local park?

A picnic party, a tea party or maybe its a BBQ! 1000 Play Streets is where neighbours  CONNECT and PLAY together in your local residential street, led by the local community, and supported by the City of Palmerston.

If you would like to coordinate a party and involve your community on the street where you live, Council can offer you support. City of Palmerston promotes healthy lifestyles and well-being, sense of belonging and health of our community through a number of different programs such as Get Active and Brekkie in the Park.

1000 Play Streets is another way to bring our community together to forge strong connections and have healthier and happier residents!


What do I need to run a Play Street?
  • A key resident (or residents) to be the driving force behind the Play Street.
  • Time to organise the Play Street (you will need to advise council of your event date in advance to allow time to gain appropriate approvals).
  • A street that is able to be closed for a short period of time (less than four hours) - must be a small, local street with little traffic so an easy, alternative route can be provided for traffic .
  • Residents from your street that are willing to be designated traffic marshals for the event.
How can I get other residents on board?
  • A great way of planning a Play Street is by getting neighbours involved.
  • Share the idea with neighbours you think will like the initiative and invite two or three people to help you get things started.
  • A Facebook savvy neighbour may like to set up a resident’s page to invite people and stay connected.
  • Are there any budding local sports people on your street that could assist with the event or run sports activities
  • Perhaps a local musician may like to perform live music?
  • A resident may like to help by designing invitations, they can be creative and make the design unique to the street.
Making it your own
  • Kids may like to make decorations to add a festive atmosphere to the street e.g. streamers, flags, and bunting.
  • Provide chalk for kids to draw street art on the road.
  • Consider involving a local service group to assist with children’s activities or run a BBQ.
  • Share the task of inviting people – door knocking and hand delivering information works well and it starts the connecting process.

For more information on 1000 Play Streets please email palmerston@palmerston.nt.gov.au